"I'm Here to Be a Catalyst for Women Leaders."

Women Leaders! 

Are You Leading On Empty?

Many women leaders push hard to build great companies or tackle huge, game-changing goals. For most of us, the harder we push—sometimes the less progress and success we achieve.


Do you know a woman leader who is responsible to create tremendous impact? 

Is she leading on empty? Is she exhausted, stressed out, maxed out? Does she keep pushing hard, grinding every day? 

Is she you? Or your wife, sister, mother, daughter...

I paid the HIGH COST of leading on empty. In my best-selling book, I share how my 12 - 15 hour workdays devastated my health, happiness, relationships, and much more. 

Women leaders pay a huge cost to our health, wellbeing, relationships, profits, dreams, and goals. 

But there is another way.

In my bestselling book, I share the 5 glorifications we've learned as leaders that keep us depleted. The good news is that I share 5 radical actions to create a life you love and are passionate about every day! 

In this powerful book, you'll discover

  • How 5 glorifications that are killing you.
  • How to take control of your time.
  • The two-letter word sets you free to focus on what's important and fulfilling.  
  • How the 5 radical actions create a life and relationships that you love and bring the best out of you. 

What are you waiting for? You deserve fulfilling relationships, work that is purposeful, and a life you love.  Get access to my international best-selling book. Sign up now!


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You deserve a life that brings you joy.

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"I'm Here to Be a Catalyst for Women Leaders." 

Many women leaders are leading on empty. I'm committed to be a catalyst for change.  

We all want happiness, fulfillment, and to make purposeful contributions. Somewhere along the way, those desires were eclipsed by everything else--leaving us depleted, overwhelmed, and overextended.  

I was that woman. Leading a multi-million dollar company with over 60 staff, I pushed myself beyond exhaustation (with severe consequences. Get my book for details).  

But like many of you, I just kept pushing. Why? I bought into 5 glorifications that I expose in my book From Empty to Overflow: 5 Radical Actions Women Leaders take to Rejuvenate, Grow Profit, and Inspire People.  

For the many women leaders who are out of balance and whose self-care is non-existent, I share the 5 radical actions needed to become a vibrant, healthly, re-inspired woman leader.  

The benefits are tremendous. Jenny DuFresne, Author

Praise for From Empty to Overflow

I feel Jenny’s heart in her writing. The clarity, the purpose, the openness, and the love cannot be missed. She speaks directly to me and to anyone who subscribes to the title ‘Leader’.  Jean Adero, Founder, Read Across Africa 

In a step-by-step process that we can follow, even in the depths of depletion, Jenny leads us back to a place where we find passion for ourselves and our work. In an intentional and honest process, we are given a path to the overflow, a place that we do not have to sacrifice or compromise the output we are committed to, but rather can increase and find the real value in our contributions. Women leaders have unique expectations in our culture and they can come with tremendous cost or with tremendous reward. Let this book be your guide. Emily LaVaun Walton, Co-owner and Vice President, The Excalibur Group


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You deserve a life that brings you joy.

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